Alexander & Veronika Voskalchuk (Egorova) 

Follow your passion and success will follow you



Alexander was born in Moscow, Russia. Since early childhood he was practicing different sports including football, basketball, swimming and karate, but it was dancing that he became truly passionate about when he came to ballroom studio as an 8 year old boy. 

Alexander started his career by winning his first ever competition. This success meant a lot for Alexander and encouraged him to continue improving his dancing with even more energy. His enthusiasm and dedication allowed him to become a finalist of the Russian Juniors and Youth Championship. However, it was the final at the Junior Blackpool Dance Festival in 1998 that became the most valuable achievement for Alexander at the beginning of his career. 

Since then Alexander achieved a lot of great results both in latin and standard programs, but at the age of 22 he decided to focus on standard program and finished dancing latin. As amateur dancer he was 4 times Russian Dance Union Champion from 2007 to 2010, European Champion WDC AL and World WDC AL Vice-Champion in 2009.


Alexander and Veronika started dancing together in Moscow in October 2010. Although both of them were dancing as amateurs previously, from the very beginning they decided to become a professional ballroom couple. After only two months of training together, they took part in their first UK Championship as professionals. Alexander and Veronika won the Professional Rising Stars UK Championship and finished in the top 24 couples at the Professional UK Championship among the best couples in the world. It was incredible result for their first professional competition. After that they continued working hard and became established in the top 24 couples at all major competitions in the world. They were also rated as a third couple in Russia. 

In 2013 they decided to move to the United States of America to pursue new opportunities in their dancing career. They achieved instant success dancing in finals of all American competitions during their first year in America and finished 5th at American National Championship 2013. They also continued teaching both couples and individual students dancing Pro-Am. Veronika’s degree as a ballroom teacher and Alexander's extensive experience allowed them to become very effective teachers successful at passing their knowledge and skill to the students.  Under Alexander’s and Veronika’s guidance, their Pro-Am students won the titles of World Vice-Champion, Russian Vice-Champion and Dutch Open Champion among many others.

In 2014 they were among the 12 best couples of the world dancing in semi-final of the Blackpool Dance Festival. This success gave them energy and inspiration to continue working hard, developing both professionally and personally to bring audience joy and pleasure from their dancing.