Alexander & Veronika Voskalchuk (Egorova) 

Follow your passion and success will follow you

I cannot say enough good things about Alexander and Veronika! Most may see them as an incredible professional couple but their true talents lie in their ability to teach. My dancing completely transformed once I began training with them. I feel each lesson is individually tailored to my needs in order to make me the best dancer I can possibly be. Their attitude is always positive and professional. I feel privileged to be able to train with someone who is able to pass their vast knowledge in a clear and concise format. They are truly inspirational! It is a blessing to work with them both. Thank you so much! 

Laura Shooks



"I would like to thank Alexander and Veronika for being true professionals and I would even say "born" teachers. Not only they have teached me how to make every step on the dance floor but also shared their incredible passion to dancing. I have learned from them how to feel the music and live my life in dancing. We all know that good dancing is a result of hard and persistent work but Alexander and Veronika make it to be a true pleasure and inspiration"

Olga Vasilieva

"I would like to thank my Pro Am partner and teacher Aleksander Voskalchuk for his knowledge and expertise as a true ballroom professional, who never ceases to amaze me with new ways to add almost impossible to my dancing. He and his beautiful partner Veronika always find the right words to explain the difficult technical info, and let me absorb it at my own pace. I really appreciate that both of them, being true Professionals share their knowledge generously and foresee me getting and performing what they have taught me. It is not always easy, but if being 56 still makes me want to learn new things, means that I am still young and there is a whole world ahead of me. And I have to thank Aleksander and Veronika for believing in me and I feel really blessed to have them as my teachers and hope, my friends. Love them dearly"

Tatiana Ignatieva

"I have been a student of Alexander and Veronika for the past seven months of my nearly ten years as an amateur competitive ballroom dancer. As dancers, teachers, coaches and business professionals in the ballroom industry, this couple, in my opinion, will soon be one of the most sought after in the industry. They have already made a serious impact on me. I first noticed them competing in June of 2013, watching their talent and joy on the dance floor. I later spoke to them in July and got a first glimpse into their warmth and sincere respect for the amateur dancer. When I tried out with Alexander as a potential student, I knew in an instant that this man had so much that he could teach me about international ballroom. My initial opinion has only been reinforced every time I have lessons, which incorporate coachings from Veronika. Alexander and Veronika work so well with each other and in conveying what they want from me and for me. My lessons from them are both hard work and a pure joy. Lastly, it is rare to find artistic people with a strong business mind, but these two have it all. They are so organized and dependable in every aspect of both the artistic as well as business side of this industry. As a retired business woman who tries to have a balanced life, while seriously dedicating a huge part of my life to dance, I feel very blessed to have found this young couple to help me on my journey."

Lynn Murrell

"International Standard is such a beautiful and challenging style of dance and I have always wanted to dance it well. Alexander and Veronika have given me the technique and knowledge and I am experiencing steady improvement! I've never been happier with my dancing. Thank you!"

Sara Switzer

"Sasha and Veronika are world accomplished dancers, who are one of the best ballroom dance couples in the world. They are expert teachers, who care about their dance students. With their wonderful energy, they work tirelessly to make you a better dancer"

Thomas  Przeslawski

"Alexander 'Sasha' and Veronika are the absolute best instructors you will find in the ballroom dance community and anywhere in the world. Proven time and again by their continued strive for excellence both on and off the competition floor, their expertise knowledge will enhance any dancer's performance no matter what the level. My dancing has been transformed from their instruction. Always professional, their natural teaching ability and knowledge on what it takes to win can make anyone a champion! Five Stars!"

Diane JM